Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Time At Art Class

This was the first lesson in art class. Teacher asked us to follow the picture from the book. Sketch it. I thought it was bored and I were not interested. Well, still had to do. Halfway I realised that this was getting fun. The shadowing was really hard. Well the longer I do it the longer I know how to shadow it. Well of course I erased a lot of mistakes at first. Well the art class doesn't have enough time for me to finish this. So I took it back home. Other people had done it. But they did it all easy like just kids drawing. I don't even know why they did it like that. That night I continued this, took me a while. But at last I got this. Looks a bit something wrong, but nice overall. haha...

Picture Of My Sis After Finishing It

Nice Pic Sista!!!

Graffiti On Hand 2 X)

Well this was a few days after de first one. On the way back from KL we went to Melaka, visit some long known friends. Well it was my parents idea. Me and my siblings were like shy because we didn't talked for a long time and were not close.
So I started to get bored, I called my 2nd sis, ask her to sit down, and took out my pen. She knew I was going to draw on her hand but she doesn't know what am I going to draw. haha... So i started the lining of the letters. When she saw what word was that she laugh. well.... 'SHORTY'.... that's what it was. I thickened the outlined, it took me a while to do it. Well my parents and all were asking me to do it faster. haha... The longest part was the shadowing. At last all done, guess how long it took... 1 hour 45 minutes. It's long i know. X)
Then we made our move to go back to JB. We stopped at a petrol station on de way, it was raining. My sis' hand got wet, I told don't touch it, leave it till it dries. She thought tapping it with a tissue won't do any damage. Oh no, it did. It faded a bit. haha... what a waste. But still visible. The next day, it looked like and old graffiti which were faded. Well I thought it looked nice. :)

Graffiti On Hand

This, was at class a few days before chinese new year i think. Can't remember. Well if you can read it you know what it says. Its because something happen that time, things that makes me mad and feel this. cut the story. next..... :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

First on Project ~C~

Itz been a long time since i haven't do my arts.... why?.... dancing of course... haha
buzy with de crew and stuff.... till then then I felt like my arts haven't been done for so long and I don't wanna waste it. So I started taking out an A4, mech pencil, linig de dots and stuff.... a day an hour or so.... takin' my own sweet time slow doing.... well it took me a few days to do this coz of my slowmo sweet time. Didn't have much free time... dang.
Started out on de graffiti first. well it weren't that nice coz I was a beginner in that after a long time. background after. The graffiti spray painter with my signature in his shirt.
What next, laptop, speaker and de B-Boys. Took me some time to think what move are they gonna do coz this represents my crew members. Well i had it done after some thinkin'... went quite well on that. And then on de phrase my leader came with, 'We are not criminals, we are dancers'. Well I changed it a bit, 'We ain't criminals, we are dancers', not much difference anyway. No biggie. And de red quest mark... easy..
Dumb thing I did was I did my name wrongly.... saw my surname below my name, it was meant to be after my name like beside it. So I just did some I don't know what to call it for cover.... haha
This was my first project for me.... will post more yaw!!! hope y'all love de picz....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Back in This

Itz been a long time since i didn't update my blog.yaw,i deleted almost all of my post I did before coz I din't wanna see all those again.i juz wanna start a new one like it is,wanna post my arts and stuff.everyone are free to see my blog I don't care anyway.peace yaw! Will find stuff to post in... X)